Whether the aim is to lay a new floor or renovate an existing one, when selecting and specifying the most suitable type of flooring, architects, planners and contractors must keep an eye not just on functionality, conformity and appearance, but also on the time required for application. That is the only way to ensure a truly tailormade solution.

In addition to MMA resin and hardener powder, we also supply:

  • Pigments
  • Technical Fillers – HM Akrylfiller
  • Decorative Fillers
  • Color quartz
  • Color flakes
  • Thixotropic agent – Sylothix
  • Rapid curing

    DEGADUR® coatings can be exposed to chemical and mechanical loads about two hours after application.

  • Curing at low temperatures

    Coating systems with DEGADUR® cure completely even at temperatures as low as minus 30˚C.

  • Resistance to weathering and aging

    DEGADUR ® resins mainly consist of methacrylates. Once these have cured, they form plastics with extraordinary resistance to light and UV radiation, with a long service life.

  • Inter-layer adhesion

    A typical feature of methacrylic resins like DEGADUR® is that the individual layers form particularly good bonds with each other.

  • Secure source of supply due to backward integration

    Evonik manufactures over 95 % of the constituents of DEGADUR® resins itself (monomers, polymers, additives).