Paints and Coating has been our core segment of activity for more than 55 years. Harald Mathisen AS have been a major supplier to all Norwegian paint producers and throughout the years we have built up a broad network of suppliers of superior raw materials.

Harald Mathisen AS is only selling raw materials from well known producers in Europe and USA, and can supply all products as a point-to-point delivery or distribution from our warehouses.


- all binders systems for paint and varnishes
Alkyd EmulsionsWorléeSol E150Water Based
Alkyd ResinsWorléeKydSolvent based - shot/medium/ long oil.
Alkyd ResinsWorléeSolWater Based
Acrylic ResinsWorléeCrylSolvent based and water based
Paints and LacquersWorléeAddAll types of additives and defoamers
- different talc and chlorite grades
Hiding & TiO2 extenderJetfine Ultrafine
Corrosion resistance & barrier propertiesPlastoritt
MattingEcoPhyl / SteamatDecorative Paint
VOC reductionPlastoritt / Steamat / LuzenacLow-VOC paints and marine paints
RheologyMistron Monomix / Jetfine
Limestone and Slaked lime
Slaked LimeNordkalkCalcium Hydroxide - Lime based paint
Calcium CarbonateNordkalkReplacing TiO2 and binders
Resin Intermediates
- Eastman plasticizers help maintain proper flow properties and improve film formation and weatherability in coatings.
Polymeric PlasticizerEastman™
DOM PlasticizerEastman™