Harald Mathisen AS has been active in selling raw material to animal feed and other agricultural industries for more than 50 years.

Products in our portfolio as been phosphates, maize protein and maize starch and in 1987 we started to sell precooked maize, ray, wheat, faba beans and peas. From 2006 wind sifted pea product like pea protein concentrate became an important product.

Today, our product portfolio consists of different grades of Maize products for animal grain feed, and also different grades of Mineral oils for dust suppression and feed production.


- products used in feed industry
Germ in PelletsProduct obtained after the pelletization of the result after semi wet milling of the germ,
skins and other maize by products
GritsCo-products fro animal feed and petfood
- products used in brewery industry
Brewers GritsBrewers grits are obtained from semi wet milling of maize, degermination and calibration
without any colorant or preservative adition


White Mineral Oils are highly refined, odorless, tasteless and have excellent color stability.

Applications: grain dust suppression, crop protection and animal feed production.

  • Blandol®
  • Carnation®
  • Dinol®
  • Klearol®